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If you’re thinking of investing in a property, we have access to a great range of Buy to Let mortgages. There’s a variety of terms to meet your individual needs.

Buy to Let mortgages can be fixed or variable rate. In most cases Buy to Let mortgages need a rental income that’s sufficient to maintain stress tested repayments. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Furthermore, we have considerable experience of finding market leading mortgage rates for buy to let mortgages. As a result, we’re really worth a call.  If you live in a BR postal area why not visit our sister website. We advise clients in Kent and Surrey.


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Why not start your search by using our online mortgage quote. Then, when you’ve taken a good look round the market, give us a call. Furthermore, rest assured, you will not be forced to leave your details. We know you’re busy so call us when you’ve got time.

Buy to Let Mortgages if you're looking to invest in property

Buy to Let Mortgages from MDFS

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To be eligible for a buy to let mortgage, you’ll usually need to either own your own home outright or have an existing mortgage on it. 

Furthermore, the amount you can borrow is likely to depend on what amount of rental income you can get. Sometimes, it’s possible to use a combination of both your rental and personal incomes. We can always advise on how that might work better for you.

Comparing buy to let mortgages can be time consuming. That’s where our local mortgage advisers can really help.

So, whether you’re thinking about purchasing your first buy to let property or adding to your portfolio, securing the right buy to let mortgage is essential if you’re going to maximise your potential profit.

Therefore, why not give your investment the best start by using a mortgage broker near you to help find your most suitable mortgage deal.

More Buy to Let Information

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Buy to Let mortgage rates are the type of interest rate that you might pay on your on your buy to let mortgage. The rate you pay will depend on the total amount you want to borrow and your general financial situation. Your interest rate will also depend on how much rental income you expect to receive and the type of buy to let mortgage you choose to take… read more

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Make your mortgage adviser a regulated one

Not every mortgage advice website you come across will be the home of a regulated mortgage adviser practice. Many mortgage websites simply farm your data out and sell it as a lead. There may be nothing wrong with providing information to you. But, do you really want advice from someone who’s not qualified or local ? However, in many cases your details are sold to a fee charging adviser and that might not be what you want.

Therefore, check out the website small print. Furthermore, does the website say what their status is ? Similarly, can you easily find details of any charges you’re expected to pay ? Are you happy to pay the charges as described ? Are any charges transparent ?

Being based locally in Bromley and Croydon Massey Divall cover the majority of Surrey and Kent.

Any doubt, visit the Financial Conduct Authority via their website and check the register ( ). Finally, make sure you’re dealing with a regulated adviser.