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You’re not just a number with us. We’re not a small mortgage broker. But, we’re not so big that you’ll be lost in the crowd. Above all, you’ll receive one to one advice and service from us. Don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what our clients had to say about us – not too shabby. 

Make your mortgage adviser a regulated one

Not every mortgage advice website you come across will be the home of a regulated mortgage adviser practice. Many mortgage websites simply farm your data out and sell it as a lead. There may be nothing wrong with providing information to you. But, do you want advice from someone who’s not qualified ? However, in many cases your details are sold to a fee charging adviser and that might not be what you want. 

Therefore, check out the website small print. Furthermore, does the website say what their status is ? Similarly, can you easily find details of any charges you’re expected to pay ? Are you happy to pay the charges as described ? Are any charges transparent ? Being based in Bromley and Croydon Massey Divall cover the majority of Surrey and Kent.

You probably wanted to find a “mortgage broker near me” that wasn’t going to charge a small fortune to do something others do for free. Well, the mortgage broker near me you’ve found give fees fee advice, so your search is over.

Finally, should you be in any doubt about what mortgage broker to use and whether they’re regulated, visit the Financial Conduct Authority via their website and check the register ( ). Finally, make sure you’re dealing with a regulated adviser.

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