Remortgage Advice from a mortgage broker in Croydon

There are many reasons why remortgages make sense. Saving money is one of the post popular. Your mortgage is most likely your biggest financial commitment. 

Once your current mortgage rate offer has ended, you’ll probably end up on your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR). However, it’s unlikely this will be your cheapest option. Therefore, it’s worth looking at remortgages.

It might be easier to obtain a remortgage but, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t consider taking unbiased mortgage advice. In fact, your choice of mortgage becomes even greater. As a result, taking advice and shopping around becomes even more important. If you live in a BR postal area why not visit our sister website. We advise clients in Kent and Surrey.

Search for your ideal mortgage

Searching for Remortgages?

Why not start your search by using our online mortgage quote. Then, when you’ve taken a good look round the market, give us a call. Furthermore, rest assured, you will not be forced to leave your details. We know you’re busy so call us when you’ve got time.

remortgages can help you reduce your monthly mortgage costs

Remortgages from MDFS

Shopping around

Remortgages can be really quick. However, we suggest starting to look for your remortgage between 12 and 16 weeks before your current deal ends. Some mortgage providers allow you to apply for a new mortgage deal up to 6 months in advance.

We start by looking at your current mortgage provider. We’ll do that for you, so there’s no need to take time out to make your own inquiries. We’ll ask your current mortgage provider about any “product transfer deals” they have on offer. Remember, we don’t charge fees for doing this.

Furthermore, we then compare your current mortgage deal, and any product transfer deals available from your current lender, to the mortgage market. Cross referencing your deal on a like for like basis to see which route might be best overall.

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Make your mortgage adviser a regulated one

Not every mortgage advice website you come across will be the home of a regulated mortgage adviser practice. Many mortgage websites simply farm your data out and sell it as a lead. There may be nothing wrong with providing information to you. But, do you want advice from someone who’s not qualified ? However, in many cases your details are sold to a fee charging adviser and that might not be what you want.

Therefore, check out the website small print. Furthermore, does the website say what their status is ? Similarly, can you easily find details of any charges you’re expected to pay ? Are you happy to pay the charges as described ? Are any charges transparent ? Being based in Bromley and Croydon Massey Divall cover the majority of Surrey and Kent.

Any doubt, visit the Financial Conduct Authority via their website and check the register ( ). Finally, make sure you’re dealing with a regulated adviser.