Mortgage Advice for the Self Employed from a mortgage broker in Croydon

Due to their complex nature, self employed mortgages sometimes need a little extra care and attention before making an application.

Therefore, obtaining expert advice is essential, if you’re self employed and looking for a mortgage. 

The key to getting self employed mortgages approved is confirming income; reassuring mortgage providers that you’ll be able to maintain your mortgage payments is essential.

Generally, self employed mortgage applicants have access to the same range of mortgage deals as everyone else. If you live in a BR postal area why not visit our sister website. We advise clients in Kent and Surrey.

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Answers to complex issues

The self employed sometimes have very complex incomes. Having a complex income can make getting a mortgage difficult. For example, most accountants probably try to reduce income, using legitimate accounting methods. However, this can make passing affordability tests more difficult. 

In addition, some self employed mortgage borrowers have additional PAYE income. Likewise, this can complicate things.

If you’re unable to provide accounts that go back two years, it might be difficult to convince a mortgage lender that you can afford a mortgage. However, it’s not impossible to get a mortgage.

For these reasons, and others, it’s a good idea to get impartial and expert advice.

We explain your options simply and clearly. Finally, when you’re ready to proceed with your mortgage, we’ll help you every step of the way. 

What’s more, working with us puts you in a stronger position, when dealing with estate agents, and makes a difference in helping you secure that dream home.

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Make your mortgage adviser a regulated one

Not every mortgage advice website you come across will be the home of a regulated mortgage adviser practice. Many mortgage websites simply farm your data out and sell it as a lead. There may be nothing wrong with providing information to you. But, do you want advice from someone who’s not qualified ? However, in many cases your details are sold to a fee charging adviser and that might not be what you want.

Therefore, check out the website small print. Furthermore, does the website say what their status is ? Similarly, can you easily find details of any charges you’re expected to pay ? Are you happy to pay the charges as described ? Are any charges transparent ? Being based in Bromley and Croydon Massey Divall cover the majority of Surrey and Kent.

Any doubt, visit the Financial Conduct Authority via their website and check the register ( ). Finally, make sure you’re dealing with a regulated adviser.